EFA-S ElektroFahrzeuge-Stuttgart GmbH

EFA-S ElektroFahrzeuge-Stuttgart GmbH
Converting vehicles to run on electricity




Pollution, noise, emissions, rising oil and fuel prices, vehicle tax,
clean energy, climate change .....

All of these are topics in the media which confront us on a daily basis. Government bodies, both locally and nationally within Europe and Germany, are passing laws, whereby vehicles will be categorised according to their pollutant levels and their access to certain urban areas accordingly restricted. The next stage will be that only noiseless and emission-free vehicles will be able to drive in the inner city.

This all sounds good and well ....

Vehicle manufacturers are working on electric vehicles for the general public. These vehicles should be available to purchase in the “future”, but how will delivery firms be able to serve their businesses and customers?

Here at EFA-S GmbH, we have committed ourselves to converting readil available vans to electric drive vehicles, regardless of make and model ...

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A van belonging to one of our customers – converted to anelectric drive using highly efficient AMK Drive and Controll Technology


UPS Press Release - UPS expands its electric fleet in Germany


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