EFA-S ElektroFahrzeuge-Stuttgart GmbH


EFA-S supplies Mercedes electric-drive light commercial vehicle for the further development of the battery charging technology

- ElektroFahrzeuge Schwaben equips a Vito with modern electrical drive system an battery technology
for MB-Tech.

- Prototype for the development of a fast-charging system and extension of the range of models.

(Sindelfingen/Zell unter Aichelberg). ElektroFahrzeuge Schwaben GmbH (EFA-S), a specialized company in the conversion of conventional cars, LVCs, and trucks up to 7.5 ton to pure electric-drive vehicles introduced, for the first time, an electric-drive light commercial vehicle of Mercedes-Benz Vito model to the market. The ordering party was MBtech Group located in Sindelfingen. As a wholly owned sister company of Daimler AG an one of the leading service providers worldwide with 2900 employees, it offers development and consulting service to the automotive industry. MBtech awarded the relevant order to EFA-S in the framework of a partnership, so that the existing fast-charging system can be testet, adapted and further developed thanks to the technology used and applied by EFA-S


According to the EFA-S, the importance of this special order is more than creation of a prototype. “We are happy that our technology is used for the development of fast-charging systems, because this means that the solutions developed and used by us has a reference character”, states Can Baki, managing director and partner of EFA-S. “Also, we habe shown with the conversion of Mercedes-Benz Vito that we are able to quickly equip almost any car or truck type with a quiet, fuel efficient and emission-free electrical drive system”. The process from the order by the customer to the delivery of finished electrical Vito took less than three month.