EFA-S ElektroFahrzeuge-Stuttgart GmbH

                                      UPS P80-E

By means of electrification of UPS’ typical delivery vehicle P80 an environmentally friendly vehicle was created for use in inner-city areas. The conversion was carried out by our company (EFA-S) while completely maintaining ergonomics of the UPS delivery vehicle.

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At the time being no electrically powered vehicle of the 7.5-ton class is manufactured in series. The delivery vans available at present all have significant loss of payload and loading capacity. This is exactly the point where we enable our customers to perform a well-engineered conversion of their old fleet to a modern and eco-friendly vehicle fleet without restrictions of any kind. The vehicle shown above was in use in Bayreuth (Bavaria) from 1995 to 2010 up to the conversion to an e-vehicle. Now by handing over the vehicle to UPS on 17 November 2010 it has been given a second life.

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At the Wendlingen branch, the ceremonial handing over of the vehicle of EFA-S Enterprises to UPS took place on 17 November 2010. Representatives of the UPS Company, EFA-S as well as representatives from the political world could be persuaded of the performance of the new electric vehicle.

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